The Expectations Challenge

Expectations. We all have them. Of ourselves, of others, of the abstract concept we call “life.” It’s nearly impossible to walk through a given day without having or expressing some sort of expectations.

I see believers all around me, both on social media and within the in-person church, who express anger, cynicism, frustration, bitterness, and even hatred because other people don’t meet their expectations. How come they do this, how come they don’t do that, why is this X way, how come it isn’t Y way? These questions are embedded in our thinking and reveal an innate sense that certain things or people “should” be a certain way (that we determine) and a desire for justice. Continue reading

Of Fleas and Sin

As the weather has gotten warmer, the dog’s old arch nemesis has begun to appear: the flea! Fleas make me seriously crazy. I hate them! I hate them for what they do to the dog. And they can bite me, too.

So I fly into action. Fighting fleas is an all-out, ongoing battle for me, one of regular, consistent effort. I start by immersing my bewildered (and not too thrilled) puppy in warm, soapy water. Immediately there’s a small victory: one or more fleas float off into the water. soapy water

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Hurray! But that’s just one skirmish. Continue reading