Joyful submission to Christ in the midst of difficulty is challenging for many of us, even as believers. Paul wrote Philippians to encourage a church facing suffering and opposition. A whole book study called “Joy in Christ: A Study Through Philippians.”

Part 1: Introducing Philippians (Intro and 1:1-2)
Part 2: Joyful Prayer and Thanks (1:3-11)
Part 3: In All Ways, The Gospel Preached (1:12-18c)
Part 4: In Life, Christ. In Death, Gain. (1:18d-26)
Part 5: Living Like Christ in a Hostile World (1:27-30)
Part 6: Walking in Humility and Truth (2:1-4)
Part 7: The Humble Servant (2:5-11)
Part 8: Saved By Grace, Living By Grace (2:12-13)
Part 9: Shine Like Lights (2:14-18)
Part 10: Timothy: A Christ-Like Example (2:19-24)
Part 11: Epaphroditus: Steadfast in Service (2:25-30)
Part 12: Rejoice in Christ, Not the Flesh (3:1-6)
Part 13: Losing It All To Be Found In Christ (3:7-11)
Part 14: Keep Pressing Forward (3:12-16)
Part 15: Enemies of the Cross (3:17-21)
Part 16: Love Other Believers (4:1-3)
Part 17: The Answer to Anxiety (4:4-7)
Part 18: A Godly Thought Life (4:8-9)
Part 19: Be Content Always (4:10-14)
Part 20: Every Need Met (4:15-23)

8 thoughts on “Philippians

  1. I enjoy this blog. Your writing is beautiful and sound. Each of these posts are written with clarity and conviction. Thank you, for faithfully and expositorily exhorting His Word.


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