Balancing Grace and Truth

Grace and truth. These are terms we throw around a lot, but do we really know what they mean to us each day? Do we understand that our lives need to speak of both, not just one? Do we get the concept that God needs to balance the way in which we live out our lives with our desire to share the truth?

Grace is such a dynamic, rich word with a complexity of meaning. It is the means by which we were saved. It is the strength by which God preserves and guides us in this walk with Him. And it’s the way in which our life is lived in the reflection of that highest and most precious saving grace.

I once heard this metaphor from a pastor about this. He said, we are like birds who need two wings to fly. We need grace…and truth…and if one of our wings is weighted down on one side more than the other, it gets really hard to fly. Continue reading

Discipleship: Sinking Deep Roots

A few days ago, Trevor at asked me what made me so passionate about discipleship. What started as a reply turned into an unplanned blog post. I’m so glad that Trevor asked me because it made me think through it a little bit. I think it turned into a pretty neat team effort, thanks to God.

Using Trevor’s words,“discipleship is the process of learning to live for the glory of God by faith in and obedience to Jesus through relationship with other Christ-followers over time.”


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The idea here is that no matter where you are in your journey of faith, you are learning. You are not yet what you are to be. Whether you just started believing or you’re 40 years in, you still haven’t got it all. You’re a disciple.

Trevor wrote: “It’s best that we disciple people toward Jesus and let the Holy Spirit be the one who decides when and how he brings people to the Lord throughout that process.”

Key words here: toward Jesus and process. To me, discipleship begins as soon as someone begins to seek God (the “toward Jesus” aspect) — that is, reading books, asking questions, giving it thought. While it’s true they are not yet His disciples, the very fact they are seeking makes it worth the time and effort to be alongside them — to whatever end. It is never a loss to show kindness and the love and truth of Christ to someone. We don’t know how long this journey is from belief to unbelief. So perhaps we are often too impatient to commit ourselves to that process. Continue reading